On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacán. Only when we arrived did I realize the magnitude of the structures at the site and the effort that went into constructing them. Apparently it took 100-150 years for the Aztecs to complete the structures at Teotihuacán, and the pyramids of the moon and sun were obviously the most difficult. Even given this incredibly long time in terms of construction, I was amazed by the perfect symmetry and detail in every inch of the architecture at Teotihuacán. The Aztecs, who had no modern tools, measuring systems, or overhead view, were able to construct one of the most amazing feats of architecture with nothing but math, stone, and herculean effort. Reflecting on this while climbing the various pyramids and other structures definitely stirred a sense of pride in what people can accomplish with effort and perseverance. – Mack M.