The Community Service Day was beautiful! I, along with Matt K., were selected to be in the Reforestation group, which would focus on initiating environmental change.

The day began with everyone splitting into their groups and starting with team bonding. I especially enjoyed this part because it forced people to open up and share some things with the group. Once finished, the group hopped on a bus with the wall painting group and we drove to the same park where both groups would be working.

The reforestation group ended up being delayed as we had to wait for the men who would help us dig holes to plant trees. While we waited, everyone played a game of soccer on a nearby baseball field and I laughed at Matt a lot.

When the men came, they brought a lot of tools and we were able to get to work. We would dig a foot-deep hole, add some water, place the baby tree into the hole, and replace the empty space with soil and water. In the end the group came close to plant around 15 trees and it was incredible!

Since the Wall Painting group was working at the same location, we were able to witness and help out with the wall mural. They worked with spray paint, which allowed Laney R. and Carter N. to get creative, and they spray painted the Mexican flag onto their hats.

Once everyone was finished, we hopped back on the bus and headed towards school to reflect on our work of the day. In our time of reflection, I was so inspired by the comments my teammates were sharing. One of my teammates cut himself while digging, yet he continued to be the most diligent worker of the group. My group leader, a teacher at Carol Baur, also shared a comment that made an impact on hopefully the group. He said “we can create change by not only discussing it within the Model UN committees, but by also going out into the world and physically doing it.” I really enjoyed working with all the other students, and that day also truly proved that the smallest things can make a big impact.

– Carter N.

Today everyone went to a couple different community service sites! I went to CRIQ which was a rehabilitation center in Queretero. I was nervous at first because I was switched into it last minute, but it turned out to be so rewarding and fun. I ended up leading the face painting activity with a couple other people from Mexico! I wasn’t the most artistic painter there but it was so much fun. No matter how good or bad the design, the children were overjoyed. I painted a bunch of spider mans and unicorns. So much fun! – Carson C.