Today was the closing ceremony for BIMUN 2018. We started off the day with one last session in our committees then a session for “diploma delivery.”This is when people in our committees vote for funny awards like: Barbie, best dressed, astronaut (head in the clouds), and machine gun (always striking back with a good counter argument).

After this session we went to the closing ceremony at Hípico Juriquilla for awards and speeches. Director of Global Engagement Erica Coffey and Matt K. spoke on behalf of Collegiate. Matt reflected:

On behalf of the students and faculty from the Collegiate School in the United States, we want to thank the students and faculty from Carol Baur for hosting BIMUN 2018.

Everybody has been so welcoming, and it was an incredible experience to learn how to participate in a Model UN conference as well as experience the culture of Queretaro.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank my commitee, the Organization of International Security and Disarmament, for educating me and exposing me to a broad range of perspectives.

In the United States, I come from a family of military service, and I myself plan to serve as well in a few years.

Because of this, I am very interested and would like to consider myself knowledgeable on this subject.

What I had not realized was that all of my opinions and knowledge was from the perspective of the United States.

Debating on this topic and talking with those from varying opinions and stances representing countries from around the world has been nothing short of enlightening for me.

I feel that this is the case for all of my fellow delegates across all of their committees. Again on behalf of my peers, school, and country, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and thanks to all who made this experience possible.

I would also like to thank Doctora for this wonderful trip and conference and my school is immensely grateful for our relationship with all of the schools present here today.

Then we saw traditional dances by older students of Carol Baur and cute dances by elementary school kids.

Later in the day we had the delegates party and got to witness, and some even participated, in the “bull fight” with a small cow.