IEL Americas 2018 arrived at the ceremony venue with our hosts at 8am. It was a beautiful day! There was not a cloud in the sky.

Carter N. explains, “After getting our name tags and a group photo, we took our seats under the white tent, and the opening ceremony commenced. The opening ceremony was a great way to kick off the conference. We heard from many speakers, including the head of Carol Baur.  The speakers thanked us for being here, gave us advice for the conference, and shared personal insights about current world events. We alo heard the school orcehstra perform and saw the flag ceremony.”

We heard from many distinguished speakers and were welcomed by extraordinary traditional dance and music. During the Opening Assembly, UN Public Information Officer Felipe Queipo told the delegations, “Do not compete, but collaborate. Remember at the end of the day, you are advocating for people.”

“I think everyone’s highlight of Opening Ceremony would be the Prehispanic dance.  A dozen Carol Baur students came onto stage dressed in colorful, feathered outfits and performed for the audience. The performance included noises, circle dances, and burning incense. It was very interesting to see some of our  host students up on stage!  Opening ceremony really got us all excited for the conference and showed off Carol Baur’s culture,” Carter continued.

The location, Plaza de Toro, couldn’t have been more picturesque. While no bullfighting was happening today, the scenic setting emphasized the importance of celebrating culture.