By Zach M.IMG_8889

Earth One Hour, which happened to be more than one hour, was one of my favorite experiences of the trip to China.  The event was designed to reinforce the idea of saving energy, as the whole school shut off its’ power for the event and everyone proceeded to the auditorium to watch performances.

Our very own John Bullock gave a memorable performance, where he and another student sang “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.  Additionally, all of the Collegiate School students danced to “Cotton Eye Joe” and “Juju On That Beat.”

However, my favorite part of the night was a short play put on by two students of the Beijing New Oriental School in Yangzhou.  Without the use of words, they were limited to what they could do, but their expressions and actions told a life story that was both comical and meaningful.  While we were all exhausted, experiencing this event was definitely worth staying up for.