By Elizabeth H.

After the temple on Friday, we walked to Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort, a traditional Chinese hot spring. Our kind and generous hosts definitely saved the best for last. This was one activity that we will never forget because we have never felt so pampered. Our relaxing visit began with an excellent lunch with many, many options to choose from. Following lunch, we headed to the main lobby where we were greeted by the staff with wrist bands that were our keys to our lockers.

The boys and girls then separated into their corresponding locker rooms where we changed. After getting into our bathing suit, we slipped into our complementary shoes, grabbed our towels, and headed out.

We were already very cold so when we found out that the hot springs were outside we were very skeptical, however, once we stepped into the first pool we were immediately soothed. There were around fifteen hot springs each one being filled with a different substance for a different reason at ranging temperatures. For example, one of my favorite ones was the coffee Spring which “rejuvenates the skin” that was 102.2° Fahrenheit.

But, one of the groups favorite springs was the one with the fish who ate the dead skin off of our body. This was one of those things that you did just to say you did it, however once I got in and became used to the fish it was incredibly relaxing. After hitting all of the hot springs, we went back inside, showered, and changed into a set of clothes that they gave us so that we could go to the resting room.

Catherine and I changed and walked upstairs to find the rest of our group members dressed in the same attire. We took pictures and laughed at each other and then sat down in the resting room. The resting room was filled with around fifty chairs each equipped with a television, pillows, and a blanket. I laid my chair down all the way and slept for an hour until we were all woken up and ushered to dinner. The visit to the hot spring was probably my favorite part of the trip because of how calm and pampered I felt, it was one of the best possible ways to end the trip.