By Will H.

Model United Nations is a club both offered at Collegiate and Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School Yangzhou. Both clubs host and attend various Model UN events in their respective home countries throughout the academic year.

During our visit to China, we took part in a mini-Model UN discussion. All Model UN discussions start with a problem and various delegates from countries discuss a solution. The problem presented to us was Corporate Social Responsibility. The country I represented was Zambia.

It was very interesting to see the differences in opinions amongst the various countries. For Zambia, a developing country, we focused on making doing business in Zambia more attractive to corporations to attract economic development. So, to further develop Zambia, in the middle of the debate, we agreed to be acquired by Microsoft (as a joke).

Despite the few jokes and hectic periods, we created a resolution. While we all agreed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was important, two groups formed and were divided on how to best implement CSR – through government regulation or through an independent organization created to oversee CSR policies. Our resolution stated that we would meet again, in another Model UN meeting, and discuss the topic in further detail.