By Jake J.

Today, we visited WestRock Shanghai to meet and talk to Quentin Yan who had participated in two panels on Chinese American business relations when Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School visited us in January at Collegiate.  Mr. Yan, who is based in Richmond, is a Director of Asia-Pacific Market Development in Paper Solutions Strategy and Business development at WestRock, a leader in the global packing industry.


We arrived at 8am and rode up to 20 stories to the lobby. Mr. Yan showed us some of WestRock’s common and iconic designs on display near the reception. He escorted us to a small conference room where he talked about the most important components of their research, design, and sales process.

“You have to be able to sell yourself and sell the company before you can sell the product” was Mr. Yan’s advice in the China market.  He then presented a video that explained the survey process, specifically women aged 25-40 who consume juices and “ready to drink” teas.  Afterwards, he opened up the floor for questions about the company and explained his roles in product development, sales, and marketing.

Sitting with Mr. Yan

Before we left, we had a quick tour of WestRock’s office space and other facilities, which were very similar to the location in Richmond.  Mr. Yan was very helpful with answering our questions and explaining how we could get involved in this field of work.