By Will W.


Our IEL Asia class is incredibly excited to travel to China. Some are looking forward to the homestay experience, some about exploring Yanzhou and Shanghai, and others about the flight, nearly 15 hours in length.

We have been working hard to understand Chinese-American business relations and learning about Chinese culture in class. Ever since our Chinese visitors from Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School completed their one week stay with us in January, we have been excited to visit them at their school in Yangzhou.


After talking with the group who participated in IEL Asia last year, I am particularly excited for the activities at the schools, as I have heard they really go out of their way to both involve us and make sure we are having a good time.  I am also looking forward to my stay  with my host family.  I have never had a homestay experience and am excited to be part of someone else’s family (although I certainly love mine).

I think I speak for all of us when I say we are thankful to have this experience and only anticipate an engaging, eye-opening visit to China.