On Wednesday evening we went to the center of México City to watch the Ballet de Amalia Hernandez in the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes. It was an unforgettable and culturally rich experience. The performance started with a line of men, dressed in feathered headdresses and pants, who played the drums while a large group of dancers performed tribal like movement. Following this opening scene were a series of dances that reflected both the traditional and romantic aspects of Mexican culture. The dancers were all dressed in traditional Mexican attire which paralleled the music. The female dancers were wearing vibrantly colored dresses that had long skirts which they used to dance with. While the male dancers were dressed in ranch and mariachi costumes. The stage where they performed had constant set changes which made the ballet more unique. The performance was also interesting because the musicians were always on stage and even interacted with the dancers, showing that they are equally a part of the show as the dancers. The entire show was truly remarkable.

Caroline R.