Today we explored downtown Mexico City, mostly around the city square. The buildings in this area were built by the Spanish over the pre-existing buildings. Because of this and the fact that Mexico City was built on a lake, the city is sinking. We began by looking at uncovered ancient ruins called Templo Mayor. Many of the ruins were made of stone, and some still had the original paint on them. We then went to Catedral Metropolitana, a giant catholic cathedral built by the Spaniards which has the 14th largest organ in the world. After looking through the cathedral and learning about its history and current use as a place of worship, we went to lunch at a nearby restaurant (Los Azulejos) that had beautiful tile walls and served delicious tacos and enchiladas. We then walked through Palacio del Correo, an old post office with beautiful gold detailing. Our last stop was Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes where we had seen the ballet the night before. This time, instead of entering the theater, we went to a different floor to see murals which depict historic events and ideas in Mexican history including revolution, socialism, and freedom.
Elizabeth M.