When we arrived to Mexico we all had a feeling of nervousness. We were afraid to meet our hosts and worried about the coming week. We first arrived at Carol Baur late Thursday night, to finally meet our hosts and their familes. They slowly called out our names and one by one the crowd of luggage began to thin. Once we were called we left with our new families for the week, still full of anxiety. After the awkward introductions, my host Yussef and his family took me to get some real tacos. It was 1:00 in the morning. From the lack of sleep and the plane, I was feeling sick. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling any better the next morning and I was prepared for an extremely uncomfortable conversation. My host mom came to me and said not to worry, she’s a mom and everything will be okay. She gave me medicine and a coke with lemon (the Mexican remedy for a stomach ache). For the next two days my host mom babied me. She made sure I took my medicine every meal and got me what ever I desired. Her and my host family’s hospitality was amazing. It eased any nerves that I had about how the week was going to be. Although I felt terrible for two days, I was excited for what opportunities my time in Mexico would bring. The connection I share with my host family is life long, and I know we will stay in contact.

Matt G.