Today marked the final day of BIMUN, which did not end quietly. After an introspective discussion led by Monsieur Bassin of the United Nations International School in New York, delegates returned to their committees for two final sessions. My committee, ACNUR (or UNHCR), spent the time wrapping up talks about plans to aid Syrian refugees, and how to navigate the controversial issue. After writing a second working paper and getting it passed by the entire committee, I finished the seventh and final session with a great feeling of accomplishment. Soon after, delegates and students were treated to a pizza lunch at the school and we were all able to enjoy the incredible weather.

 After committees officially ended, the chairs gave out special awards within the individual committees, with names ranging from “Machine Gun” (for the most intense delegate), to “Wafflera” (for the delegate who “cuts the others into pieces”), to Barbie (the prettiest delegate). Collegiate is proud to have not one, not two, but three Barbies in its ranks. As the Syrian Arab Republic, I received “Machine Gun”, “Wafflera”, “Dalmata” (for the one who ruins your day), and “Wikipedia” (for the one who has the facts).  After receiving the fun awards, delegates came downstairs to the beautiful amphitheater area for the Closing Ceremony. We were once again treated to a flag ceremony incorporating Carol Baur students and the Mexican Army Band, and a beautiful traditional dance performance. Several Carol Baur students and faculty spoke to the crowd, including BIMUN’s Secretary General and under-Secretaries. Then, committee chairs spoke about their group’s work over the past three days, and presented the Best Delegate and Honorable Delegate awards. I was honored to receive the Best Delegate award in my committee, but I could not have done it without the support of my fellow ACNUR delegates, McGee and Kate.

It goes without saying that Carol Baur put on an incredible event and that I and my fellow students are incredibly grateful for the experience. We are sad to finish such a significant part of our trip, but we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in Mexican culture as the week goes on.