I went into day t thinking that it would be the worst day of the trip because the conference was all day, but I was wrong – today was great. Caroline and I woke up exhausted but our host mom made us homemade coffee, homemade banana bread, and papaya. It was delicious. We then left for school and I really enjoyed Señor Queipo’s talk… he filled me with hope that change is actually possible, and his love for humanity warmed my heart. I loved when he quoted that, “we are our brothers’ keeper.”

After Señor Queipo’s talk, we headed to begin our second day in our committees.  My committee was good and I felt more comfortable talking today. We discussed female empowerment and all agreed easily on our proposals, but after we had written them all out, 2/3 sponsors left to write the resolution paper. While they were gone, the sponsor and delegate representing Saudi Arabia staged a coup and became a dictator to keep us all entertained. She was saying that since she’s the sponsor she was going to take away woman’s rights.  All the fellow delegates were so confused and I could not stop laughing- (it was bad because we aren’t allowed to laugh).   There were quite a few more surprises that made us continue to laugh.

After a long day of conferencing we got home and ate a delicious dinner of sopes and now are watching Mexican Netflix with Marisol. I love Mexico!

Virginia S.