After lunch on the first day, our collegiate group dispersed to multiple rooms to have a model UN debate or personal opinion discussion. I represented The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the historical committee to change history by debating the topics of the creation of Israel and the subject of Capitalism versus Communism. As I researched my topic, I was unaware that at the beginning of the committee, the delegates in the committee would vote on which time period we would discuss. I prepared for the debate to be during the time period of the 1920s because the British assumed control over the region according to a decision of the League of Nations and my stance was to create Israel. At the beginning of the debate, Kenta Okaneku, the Moderator of the debate, proposed we do an obligatory speakers list, meaning that I was not able to get a firm grasp of how the committee ran because I have only participated in a model UN mock conference during the fall of my freshman year. It was determined that each speaker would be given one minute to talk about their delegations opinion on the subject matter. I went up in front of the committee and gave a five second speech about my delegation’s opinion before giving up the rest of my time. After everyone went, we entered a moderated caucus to discuss the creation of Israel. Since I didn’t have much research on the opinion of the United Kingdom in 1948, I had to only use the knowledge I learned from past history classes. As the debate went on, I became more and more confident and raised my placard to speak more. I became allies with a few countries, but the opposition still had a majority. The debate is still continuing and the potential resolutions could go either way right now.


Ben G.