Today as part of the International Youth Dialogue Forum, the delegates and students of Carol Baur had the privilege of hearing Ms. Shondra speak on her experiences as a survivor of human trafficking and as an activist. Human trafficking is vital topic pertaining to both human rights and the international youth dialogue forum as Ms. Shondra stated. Before hearing her speak, I knew the basics of human trafficking and how it affects different parts of the world, but I never comprehended the broadness of the situation. At one point during her talk, Ms. Shondra mentioned a website that allows you to find out any individual has unknowingly contributed to trafficking through products that he/she purchases. There are countless reports of men, women, and children being enforced into working for traffickers.   Unlike epidemics such as gun violence or systemic poverty, human trafficking doesn’t have a sound or visible effects. Therefore it is often times brushed aside as something that “does not affect you.” However, as Ms. Shondra eloquently explained through describing her experiences through her own story  of time spent in the hands of various traffickers, her recovery, and her activism, it made me see that it does affect each one of us. Though comparatively silent, human trafficking occurs everywhere and everyone is at risk. Listening to Ms. Shondra speak was an honor and I truly admire her drive and determination to expose the utter loudness of human trafficking.

Kate K.