DesignPitch is the culmination of the students’ weeklong efforts to design a product that addresses a nation specific environmental challenge.

DesignPitch invites a wider Collegiate School community and the public to become involved in this process by attending four group product pitches and engaging in dialogue with students.  With “DesignPitch Dollars” in hand, the community is encouraged to “invest” in the product ideas at stations in the Saunders Family Library.

To kick off this extraordinary community event, Collegiate was pleased to welcome Rebecca Hough, Co-founder and CEO of Evatran, as our keynote speaker. Evatran is an innovative technology that enables electric cares to be charged wirelessly.  As their website says:

Plugless has always been about more than technology – we want to get more EV drivers on the road. By eliminating cumbersome, inconvenient plug-in charging we hope to eliminate some of the barriers keeping people from switching to EV. If you’re already an EV driver, you’ll discover that Plugless makes charging easier, smarter, and, yes, a little cooler.

The Plugless System is proudly manufactured in the USA in Richmond, VA by Evatran Group, Inc.

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Ms. Hough’s visionary entrepreneurism aligns closely with the innovative spirit of IELC’s Design Thinking, as Plugless was clearly designed with human needs at the forefront.  With DesignPitch Dollars in hand, Ms. Hough and the audience made their way to the Sharp Academic Commons for the pitches.

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