This morning, the delegates meet with global business entrepreneurs Mark Cross and Dave Ryan. Mark Cross is the founder of Naxos Consulting Group and has over thirty years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. He talked to the delegates about maximizing their potential and the benefits of diversity. Next, the delegates heard from Dave Ryan, Vice President and Treasurer at Albermarle Corporation. Mr. Ryan discussed how to use perspective with business, such as thinking from the view of the producer or the consumer.

“A lot of people ask questions but they don’t listen to the answer.”
-Mark Cross

The delegates were then assigned a challenge by the two: create a package for water while making it practical, sustainable and reasonable for the people of the region to which they were assigned.  There was an emphasis on The delegates had thirty minutes to come up with ideas and plan a quick presentation. While it was challenging, the delegates learned how to work with each other under restricted situations.

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“It was fun getting to work on problems with new people. It was harder than I thought, but very beneficial.”