Andy Stefanovich from Prophet is paid for being provocative – challenging companies through creative disruption to think differently, to know who they really are, what they value, and  what they can do well.

Today, he provoked us to do the same.

Mr. Stefanovich’s unique high energy approach captivated the audience and kept them constantly thinking throughout the presentation.

His use of ingenious exercises like randomly calling on people to ask them one word which describes their life, and making the entire audience of both delegates and faculty stare into a partner’s eyes for a minute kept the audience on their toes while challenging us to learn though doing.

When considering our fears regarding taking risks, he stated:

“It is not nearly as big a risk as you think it is. It is merely an artificial obstacle.”

– Andy Stefanovich

Focusing on “putting more life in your life” and taking time to connect – to really connect – with other humans allows us to see the intelligences in each of us, and all of that matters more than our “big” accomplishments. For the already accomplished students at IELC, it provided a reminder that life and success matters in ways we often forget. “It’s the small stuff that matters because it is the big stuff that will be forgotten,” he said.

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