Collegiate’s Globar Scholar in Residence, John Dau, spoke to during the Upper School assembly on leadership both in his own life personally and in addressing larger global challenges.

John Dau was born in what is now the Republic of South Sudan, but was forced out of his country when the chaotic civil war in Sudan reached his village. On his trek to seek refuge in Ethiopia, twelve-year-old Mr. Dau was selected to be a leader of approximately 1,220 young boys between the ages of 5-15 who were on the same journey. Eventually, Mr. Dau moved to the United States where he received a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and has raised more than three million dollars to fund the installation and operation of medical clinics in the Republic of South Sudan.

“I was not born a leader, but I did not shy away from my problems. Problems are everywhere, but they always come to an end. What you have to do is keep pushing forward. Success and struggle: they are a package deal.”

-John Dau

Students were eager to engage with Mr. Dau after assembly in a more intimate question and answer session afterwards, allowing for deeper dicussion and understanding.

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