The first guest speaker of the Conference was Suly Salazar-Layton, the Head of Marketing at PIETech. Mrs. Salazar-Layton challenged us to notice the stereotypes we are using and remember that “differences do not make us better or worse; it just makes us different.” She lead the group though an activity in which Delegates were chalenged to take on the perspective of another country an explain what stereotypes they might have and how those stereotypes might effect citizens from that country’s relate with others. Delegates shared their thoughts with partners and then with the group as a whole. Mrs. Salazar-Layton then elaborated on gender’s effect on how two people calaborate and work togeather. She explained how all men and women are physiologically  different and thus tend to behave in diffenent ways when put in stressful situations.

“The old golden rule was ‘treat other people the way you want to be treated.’ The new rule should be to treat others they way they want to be treated.”

– Mrs. Salazar-Layton

Mrs. Salazar-Layton also elaborated on how different work and different ways and thus, to get the most out of each person, we should try understand the way they work and approach them in a way appropriate for them. She reinforced these themes in her personal stories such one story in which she accidentally intimidated a graphic designer she worked with by giving her a problem and looking for her immediate ideas and feedback. Mrs. Salazar-Layton finally concluded by emphasizing that you can do so much if you just take a moment to remember the new golden rule and make sure your opinions are not formed off of labels or stereotypes.

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