After lunch, the group went out on a scenic drive through Richmond to Chimborazo Park. Once at the park, Senior Ambassadors Ellie F. and Olivia J., with their team of dedicated Junior Ambassadors, led the group in a series of team building activities designed to foster trust and communication among the group.

“I was worried in the beginning thinking about sports and stuff like that but in the end it went very well. Everyone is so kind and open minded. It was a very fun!” – Clelia R., Italy

The activities included planned games like a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, traditional team-building exercises like an activity which used yarn to build a web strong enough to support a person, and designated free time which the IELC participants used to play soccer and relax with newfound friends.

“I think [the yarn game] is a metaphor for international relations.” – Sam L., Malaysia

The tangled webs connected students – literally – to one another.  By the end of the day, Divyansh from India asked, “So are we done with the ice breaking?”  After a full day together, there was no longer a need; the ice was broken.

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