“The perfect traveler must be a perfect contradiction. She should be open to almost everything that comes her way, but not too ready to be taken in. He should be worldly, shrewd, his feet firmly on the ground; but he must also have the capacity to give himself over to moments of real wonder. ” -Pico Iyer
    With our plane departing for China in less that two days, I am nervous about how the trip will go. I am excited to be given the opportunity to go somewhere different and learn things in new ways. However, I am prepared for the trip to be uncomfortable. I will be traveling across the world, working and living with people that I do not know and that speak a different language than me, and I will be immersed in a culture much different than my own. In order to make the trip a success, I need to be able to be comfortable being uncomfortable, and to make the most out of what I am doing. 

    Pico Iyer states that the perfect traveler must “have his feet on the ground,” but also have the ability to admire something new and to learn from it. I agree with this statement because a traveler must be able to connect their own culture to that of the place that they are traveling to. One must recognize where they are coming from, yet also take their time and cherish where they are. One must be knowledgeable about where they are traveling, but still prepared to learn new things. If I am to make this short trip to China a success, I will have to step out of my comfort zone and take advantage of the experience. The goal of the trip is to learn, and I hope that I am able to maximize my learning capability throughout the trip.

Reflection by Dalton R