Since we are leaving tomorrow and we will miss El Zocalo, my host family did not want me to miss out on seeing downtown Mexico City. The Santillán family went above and beyond as exceptional tour guides of their city. Because Monday was a holiday here in Mexico, the traffic wasn’t bad at all. However, typically the traffic can take as long as 2 hours to get downtown. We saw the cathedral which was very exciting because the Pope is visiting Mexico City, and holding a service in that cathedral in a month so everyone is very busy getting ready for his arrival. We also ate dinner at a resteraunt that is overlooking El Zocalo which is the town square. In the center of it is a huge Mexican flag. After dinner, my host family took Alex and I to a market where they helped us bargain for all the souvenirs we wanted. Our last stop was the giant Angel statue which is one if the most famous monuments in México City. Downtown México City is such a beautiful place full of tons of culture. A huge thank you to the Santillán family for being such great tour guides of their beautiful city!
Megan S