Although this morning was our last morning in Mexico, it wasn’t too late to learn more about everyone’s cultures. We went to the very top of the school to their auditorium to watch presentations from Italy and Thailand. Italy talked about each city in their country and listed a few interesting facts about each one. Watching the presentation made me want to visit Naples and Venice! The Thailand presentation taught us a few words from their language in addition to telling us about the symbolism of their country. We learned that Thailand is the land of smiles and the elephant is a common symbol of their country. After we learned more about these 2 countries it was our turn to tell everyone about the US. For our presentation we made a PowerPoint that covered American music beginning in 1910 all the way to the current music trends. Each era included a few facts and as well as a video representing the time period through music. A highlight of our presentation was when the Italian teacher broke out dancing when we played a song by Elvis Presley!
Alex F