Today we started the 7th session finishing the discussion on Syrian refugees. We had already come up with the proposals from the previous day and only needed to finalize and vote. After the simple and moderated caucuses we all voted on the proposal paper. The paper passed with every delegation voting in favor except for Syria. After the vote we closed topic a and went to topic b. However, time did not allow for much discussion of topic b and we went to the awards. We voted for awards for best delegates, best dressed, best smile, best looking and many more. Everyone had fun with the nominations and it was great to vote. Just like the previous sessions, everyone was uncontrollably laughing. Many times we had to stop because no one could get it together enough to speak. Our committee bonded through jokes and having to work together to find a solution. We made Model UN a fun experience and I am glad I went out of my comfort zone to be a part of a committee in Spanish. My committee was unlike anything anyone expected from a Model UN conference with break dancing, games and laughing attacks. I couldn’t imagine being part of any other committee.

Tiffany C.