Today during the 6th session of the “historical committee – back in time” our committee began discussing our second topic, the Vietnam War. This was by far the most heated debate we have had so far! Three of the main country delegations were missing for a little bit of the session so it was up to the other committees to take the reigns. The most interesting part of today’s session was when the delegation of West Germany proposed that the rest of the committee invade the US and create WW3. This sparked lots of tension throughout the entire committee and led to lots of commotion. The delegation of West Germany decided that the US was the root of all problems, which is why they wanted to invade their country. Overall the 6th session was comprised of many moderated caucuses and lots of debate particularly between the delegations of the US and North Vietnam. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions to hopefully meet in the middle and form a resolution paper.

Alex F.