Today during the 5th session, my committee, the Security Council, finally began our resolution list and eventually our working paper for solutions to fix the problem in Syria regarding civil security. We have been debating this topic for the past two days and finally agreed on resolutions for this. Today our sessions consisted mainly of moderated caucuses and multiple simple caucuses in order to have enough time to write our resolutions. In the simple caucus, the moderator and the president do not say anything and allow all of the delegates to work together freely. Surprisingly, all of the delegations agreed on one working paper and all of the resolutions together. Some of our resolutions are:

1) have the UN monitor the upcoming Syrian election

2) provide job and language training for Syrian refugees within the country that they fled to

3) create a cease-fire for foreign countries that have military within Syria

Overall, this topic has been so interesting especially since I am representing the delegation of France and the recent terrorist attacks are heavily related to this problem. Tomorrow we will finish our resolution paper for civil security and begin our second topic, the Iran Nuclear crisis.

Megan S.