Today began with an opening ceremony to welcome all of the delegates from various schools in Mexico, Italy, Thailand, and the United States.

The opening ceremony at Carol Baur was very interesting. They presented special speakers, who spoke in English as well as Spanish. In the ceremony, Carol Baur students did a traditional Mexican dance with a candle on their heads, Carol Baur students played instruments, and lots of speakers gave speeches. The speakers gave inspirational speeches about the importance of BIMUN because we are the future leaders of the world. The opening ceremony also was the first time we heard the BIMUN song, which has now become this trips anthem. “BIMUN, es un nivel de consiensa”  

After the ceremony, we began the day’s sessions.

Jordan F.

Session 1
The first session was each delegate introducing their point of views on the given topic.  It was frustrating because, per the Model UN protocol, you are are not allowed to represent your own opinion, however, it was also a very good experience in debate.  My committee is interesting because it takes place as if it is 1959, before the Cuba Embargo began, and we were trying to figure out a better solution than the embargo.

-Sarah W.

Session 2

The Back in Time Committee focused on topic A first, the Cuban embargo.

In the second session we moved past addressing the issue and on to trying to solve the problem at hand. This was very difficult because half of the countries tended to side with the delegation of the United States and the other half tended to side with the delegation from Cuba.

It taught me how to think about what East Germany’s, my delegation’s, decision would have been at the time, instead of my individual opinion. It taught me how to think about the opinions of other counties and step outside of my comfort zone.
-Annie B.