imageThe focus for the first three weeks of class was preparing for the Youth Conference. In order to prepare, we had to learn the procedures and rules for Model UN.  This meant researching topics around human rights, various countries, and how the United Nations functions.  We were fortunate to host three Skype sessions with our friends of Carol Baur.  In our sessions, we learned the procedure, gained clarity, and build relationships.

In addition to Model UN, we also had a group that worked on a mock trial of the International Court of Justice.  Preparation for this involved learning the background information of the court case Ecuador vs.Colombia:Aerial Herbicide Spraying. Preparing for the trial involved separate Skype sessions, gathering evidence, and preparing witnesses.

We will spend the first three days partcipating in the conference.  Not only will we experience Model UN, but we will also have round table discussions to discuss our own points of view.