As the students settled into their assigned rooms to finish up their designing, the teachers congregated to finish up their projects us well, as they were given the opportunity to create a design for a big issue, just like their students.


Going through this process helped the teachers to gain insight as to what the students were going through, and hopefully gave them resources to take back to their respective schools. Teachers even presented at the practice pitch in the afternoon:


Even though the teachers did not present at Design Pitch, many of them saw that as a good thing:

“We might have gotten a little competitive. It’s probably good that we don’t get to pitch tonight because we could have gotten too into it.”

– Kristia G., a teacher from France

Although the teachers agreed that participating in this part of the conference was enjoyable, their primary focus was still on the students. They noted changes in their students’ confidence and dispositions:

“I’d say their objectivity has grown, [and] the students are more sociable.”

– Veronica H., a teacher from Italy

An overwhelming sense of pride was apparent as the teachers watched their students blossom into stronger leaders.