After countless hours spent brainstorming, questioning, empathizing, and designing, the time finally arrived for the delegates to present their ideas. Each group gathered in their presentation space after hearing from Mr. Hickman, Mrs. Sisisky, and Lillian Fu, and prepared to pitch their ideas. The delegates were tasked not only with explaining their problem and solution, but also with convincing the investors in the audience to give one of their three coveted design dollars towards an investment in their product. 

“Honestly, [presenting] was great, and the audience was very encouraging.” – Zineb H. (Morocco)

The realization that everyone watching the pitches were incredibly impressed eased any nerves the delegates had going into the evening. Many groups voiced that their presentations got better each time. Apart from just improving practically, delegates got a chance to truly bond with each other and learn by doing, and the general consensus was that the process was even more rewarding than the product.

“It is more important to make relationships, and that is exactly what we did.” – Aditya A. (India)

Design Pitch serves as a chance for people to cultivate skills and confidence, but more importantly, innovation, friendship, and character.

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