Design Pitch opened in the Oates Theater with an impressive line-up of speakers. The energy resonating throughout the building was palpable as the lights dimmed. Head of School Mr. Hickman introduced the evening by thanking the generous sponsors. He also explained the tradition of IELC and the effect it has on not only the Collegiate community, but also on the global community:

“This conference really is about connections and bridges and relationships.” – Mr. Hickman

Head of School, Mr. Hickman

Director of Responsible Citizenship, Ms. Sisisky, spoke briefly about the work that the students had done so far before introducing Lillian Fu, a Collegiate and IELC graduate. As a current William and Mary student, Fu has applied the skills she acquired in the conference towards solving international problems at the Mason School of Business at William and Mary. 

“Social entrepreneurship is not a product but a way of thinking…Like many of you in this auditorium today, I do not plan to start my own business. However, I do plan to apply the lessons of social entrepreneurship to my life. As I learned from MeadWestVaco (now WestRock) five years ago, it is possible to ‘do good while doing well,’ and that is what I plan to do.”

– Lillian Fu (’12)

Lillian Fu (’12), IELC graduate

To kick off the pitches, Mrs. Sisisky acknowledged the hard work of all of the delegates:

“We are really proud of the work that [the students have] done, and we know you’ll enjoy seeing them in action.” – Mrs. Sisisky


With that in mind, the families and friends of the delegates traveled to the Estes Café to hear the newly created innovative ideas.