By mid-afternoon on Thursday, the delegates had nearly finished their presentations and were beginning preliminary pitching. The students and teachers came together to practice their presentations in front of the other groups for the first time and gather feedback to implement later on in the evening. By the end of 14 presentations, the delegates had much to perfect in the short time they had before Design Pitch began. “We were a bit nervous because we weren’t fully ready,” said Kenza M. from Morocco.

Many delegates shared this trepidation, noting that the afternoon tended to be stressful at times Regardless of the afternoon’s chaos, each group was ready to present when the time came to gather in Oates to begin the evening. One student described the excitement of this process, saying:

“It was a great opportunity to show the entire international squad what our team has been working on the past few days.”

– Grant W. (USA)

By the end of this process, the delegates were grateful to receive both encouragement and critique on their presentations, products, and public speaking before heading into the evening they had been working towards throughout the week.

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