This morning the delegates began the Ideation portion of the design thinking process. This session involved brainstorming ideas that had the potential to make a positive impact on their environmental issues. Mrs. Sisisky explained Ideation, saying:

“The most important thing is to have lots of ideas, and the wild ones are the ones that lead to the final ideas.” – Mrs. Sisisky

The groups also utilized the “how might we” questions they developed in yesterday’s session throughout the process of brainstorming their ideas. One of the delegates explained the significance of this step:

“Ideas are the stuff that dreams are made of. But product is something that makes these dreams come true. While it is really important to have an idea that is one in a million, it is equally vital to be able to execute.” 

– Paavas B. 


Juan Pablo generates ideas to share with his group
With design pitch only one day away, the students have found a new sense of purpose in the early stages of creating a product from their hours spent brainstorming this week. 


Mrs. Rhiannon Boyd checks in with groups to belp faciliate Ideation
Mirkomol and Josephine collaborate