Following a morning of exploration into environmental issues across the globe, the delegates began work on a plan to tackle these problems during the afternoon. Mrs. Sisisky explained a problem-solving method called Design Thinking, which the delegates will use throughout the week to combat the environmental issues from each country.

“Once you figure out the problem, the solution will come to you.” – Mrs. Sisisky

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This method focuses on empathy as a means to understand a problem and the people that problem affects. Students identified their strengths in their native languages, emphasizing the idea that we all have something unique to bring to the table.

“You need to have different kinds of voices and different kinds of people in the group.” – Mrs. Sisisky

After an overview of Design Thinking, the delegates began to tackle the first step of the process, Discovery, by interviewing students from countries affected by these issues and re-evaluating the root of each problem.