After a long day of environmental presentations and design thinking, all of the IELC participants headed over to Centennial Hall to share a welcome dinner with host families and friends.


Collegiate’s select choral group, Camerata, kicked off the evening with a spectacular musical performance.

Collegiate’s select choral group, Camerata, performs a selection for the dinner attendees

Head of School Mr. Hickman gave everyone a warm welcome and was followed by and address by Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. John D. O’Neill, Jr.

“The speeches before dinner really opened up my eyes to the importance of connections with different counties.”

– Mariam (Lebanon)

Arielle Galston (’12), a participant in the very first IELC held in 2011, spoke about her experience in the conference and offered some sage advice for those students living the conference right now.

Arielle Galston (’12)

“When thinking back to four years ago, not one moment or conversation sticks out in my mind. Rather, for me, it was the opportunity to be surrounded by others my age for ten days who came from over a dozen countries, four continents and spoke numerous different languages…you all share an interest to learn from each other. I challenge each of you, student participants, host families, and faculty to do just that every day for the remainder of the conference.” – Arielle Galston (’12)

Head of School Steve Hickman introduces the delgations
Director of Responsible Citizenship and Strategic Planning Clare Sisisky reflects on five years of the Emerging Leaders program

After the introductory speeches, everyone dined together, creating an atmosphere of excitement and pure joy.


“Everything was so amazing! All of the people and the food and the whole experience!” – Jennel (Kazakhstan)