International Emerging Leaders Program

at Collegiate School


February 2015

Emerging Leaders Say Goodbye

“This experience impresses me by wonderful partners! We can discuss any issue and share our opinion.”


During their final day in the lunch room, students decided to try everything available. The Chinese students commented that eating at circular tables is reminiscent of the dining style in China, in which families gather around circular tables and place dishes in the center to be shared around the table in family-style dining.

Previously in the week, the students from the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School in Yangzhou mentioned that basketball was one of their favorite sports. Specifically, students said that they were Lakers fans, so on their final day at our school, we attended the Collegiate Women’s Basketball game against Saint Margaret’s, which is almost the same thing as a Laker’s game. The student section was lively, and the Chinese students got to participate in the “Go Collegiate” cheers and clapped the Cougars onto victory over Saint Margaret’s.

“I am glad to discuss about life and spare the good time with my friends.”

An aggregation of quotes from the discussion today about a variety of social, economic, and political issues concerning both the U.S. and China:

“Economic growth is the basis of everything. The environmental pollution is the cost of economic growth.” (Ian)

“No stop to the growth.” (Nia)

“Some pollution is acceptable because of the growth.” (Fred)

“ I think it is advisable to implement some policies to reduce certain pollution. Use another way in the industry to try to reduce, but still it is the cost.”(Ian)

“In Shanghai, Beijing, etc, it is a problem for too many people to move there. We are a developing country, so it happens a lot here. America is a developed country, so that’s why the opposite is happening that’s why people are leaving cities there, while in China people are moving into the cities.” (Ian)

“Often, we have development that progresses as one development coming forth at the expense of the other. The big picture is more the main focus in China, whether that be at the expense of individuals or not.” (Sisisky)

“In the us when we want to create social change, we have protests, say like in the 1960s, whereas in China, for example the protests in Hong Kong, protesting is looked down upon. I feel like the capacity and means by which we go about making change is very different in the US and China.” (Isaiah)

“Social media has changed the ability to make social change, both for the Chinese and U.S. Students. Social media has the potential to incite change. Think about the occupy movement- it was greatly facilitated by social media.” (Melton)

“Our school is putting up a route that is very easy to do that in all of our dishes food. We cannot waste food.” (Sheldon)

“We make change in a small personal way and then in the broad spectrum, great change can be made.” (Ian)

“Food waste is a problem here. There is so much waste and we should at least eat what we get. But I don’t see there ever being a rule at Collegiate that food waste is penalized.” (Adriana)

“The United States culture perhaps values too much the individual’s choice. And sometimes, that individual’s right to choose is valued over the greater good. In some ways, that makes it hard for us to make changes, because everyone can make their own choice and that’s very important to our culture.” (Sisisky)

“We have student clubs and student union.” (Lyris)

“We have power to make changes at our school. The student government gives advice to the school.” (Parker)

Parker: “I have enjoyed communication with local students , they ask some really funny questions”

After lunch, we traveled to the VMFA while it started to briefly snow. We explored the museum for an hour with the Chinese students, during which we discussed the modern art movement and its relationship to self expression, political dissent, and the pop culture of today.

A journey to the classic Bottoms Up! pizza parlor followed the MWV trip. “We have eaten a lot of pizza; this is okay because it’s good to eat” said Sheldon of the outing.

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