From the Malaysian Delegates:

After a few weeks of working on the IELC project, we are proud to say that we have finally finished it!

Okay, so we decided that we’d fix one of our school’s major problem, which would be wastage of paper. With that, we have designed a contraption which would hopefully benefit our school in the near future.

Presenting you…

The “Dunk the Junk” Trash can !!!
(DJ.T for short)


Unlike the normal recycling bin, we designed this so that the students are able to recycle trash in an enjoyable way. Basically, it’s like basketball. Remember all those times you tried to throw trash from a distance but it always misses? Well, the “Dunk the Junk” allows all attempted throws a higher chance of ‘scoring’.

Though, the basketball feature is especially for plastic bottles since one way of recycling them would be crushing them. So all that’s left is to throw it away!

The second recycling part which is basically connected to the main part is a compartment for recycling bundles of paper.

Both parts of the “Dunk the Junk” have a see-through glass/plastic cut rectangle/square. This allows students to see the level of trash being thrown. Once they see the ‘clear cut’ is full, students have to already stop throwing their recycled items to avoid overflowing the bins.

Another special feature that we added to our project is the built-in air freshener. How does this work, you might ask?
Well, once both compartments are about to be full, fragrance will be emitted/sprayed from time to time with about 15 to 30 minutes interval to prevent any bad odour until the bins are emptied. This helps us to maintain a good environment that does not stink. Moreover, it will not disgust the cleaners who will dispose the junk that were “dunked” in our “Dunk The Junk.”

Our hope is that this product will help us to reduce the wastage of papers and plastics as well as promote recycling in a fun way.

We would start this project at a small scale in our school by placing it at one or two places to observe its effectiveness. Hopefully, it will work well enough for us to continue it.