The long-awaited and greatly anticipated design thinking process was finally kicked off today as Rhiannon Boyd, Collegiate Senior Seminar teacher, explained its essence and purpose.  First, to illustrate that the skill of creativity can be built, students viewed a TED talk from David Kelley, Stanford University professor and founder of IDEO, who pioneered design thinking. (See post: “How to Build Your Creative Confidence.”)  

Then the design groups were then given their first, and most important, goal. The first step of the design process is called Discovery. The goal of this stage is to find as much about an issue as possible and to empathize with the people who are most affected by it. Without a thorough investigation of a problem, it becomes all too easy to solve something incompletely or even entirely inaccurately. The delegates spent the next hour asking questions, listening, investigating, and interviewing students affected by their particular issues.