The 2014 Emerging Leaders Conference has gotten off to a terrific start! The past two days have been an incredible and inspiring journey for all of the delegates as they are getting to know each other through ice breaker activities, scavenger hunts, and long bus rides. It has been absolutely amazing for the Collegiate students to meet the other delegates and learn about the differences and the huge amounts of similarities between their cultures. Today on the bus ride to the Robins Campus from Washington, D.C., two Moroccan students, Yassine A. and Sophie S., taught a group of Collegiate students a different way to clap that created a more hollow-sounding noise. Then they started making a rhythmic pattern with the claps, almost creating a song. Other students shared music on the bus, passing around headphones and iPods to share their favorite songs. Many of the students listened to American songs, the same bands the Collegiate students love!

All of the ambassadors for this year’s International Emerging Leaders Conference are anticipating the beginning of the week with excitement after already becoming friends with so many of the other students. Tomorrow, the delegates will visit the Mooreland Collegiate Campus for the first time to give their environmental presentations and attend a welcoming assembly in the Upper School.