International Emerging Leaders Program

at Collegiate School


October 2014

Written by Kyra G.

The Match – Reflections on IELC 2014


Junior Ambassador Kirby K. captures the energy of DesignPitch and the Cultural Fair for IELC 2014.

The International Emerging Leaders Conference is about cultural awareness.
It’s about research and exploration and collaboration with peers of diverse temperaments, backgrounds, and beliefs.
It’s about problem solving that could, one day, alleviate environmental challenges throughout the world.
It’s about respect and enlightenment.
And it’s about empathy.


Exploration, Awareness, Empathy

Camaraderie, Connections, Personal Growth

Little Perfect Moments

“The entire conference has been made up of all these little, perfect moments. We just all connected in such amazing and beautiful ways.”

– Anna M. from U.S.A.

These Days

“I want to thank all of you for these days.”

– Aida S. from Kazakstan

Learning about Each Other and Ourselves

“Through this conference, we have learned a lot about each other and ourselves.”

– Melissa T. from Malaysia

Expecting to Tackle the World’s Problems

“I came here expecting to tackle the world’s problems; there’s no way I expected to make a new family. I call these people my brothers and sisters.  It’s amazing to see people come together. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

– Rhian D. from Lebanon

…Because We Love Each Other

“I believe we will meet each other one day because we love each other.”

– Ivan Y. from Changzhou, China


“I really love my host family; they treat me like a member of their family.”

– Daisy Z. from Changzhou, China

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