Not only did the Ambassadors participate in DesignPitch, their teachers did, also! International Faculty Group 1, composed of Linda K. from Lebanon, Bashlova P. from Kazakhstan, Ana G. from Mexico, Vincent C. from Morocco  Sandra I. from South Africa, Willem I. from South Africa, and Rhiannon B. from the United States. Quite creatively, this group composed an elaborate skit to pitch their product, GM Yo! GM Yo!, a smartphone app targeted at Spanish teenagers, encourages kids to eat natural foods, rather than genetically modified foods. Rhiannon B. explained that the goal of GM Yo! is to “change consumer behavior,” rather than the planting patterns of Spanish farmers, for Faculty Group 1 believes that once consumer demand leans towards healthier foods, farmers’ habits will be forced to change out of necessity. However, GM Yo!’s application of this idea is especially interesting. Vincent C. explained, “Competition based atmosphere is really what teenagers want to do,” thus the app works by each user taking a picture of every meal. If the meal is healthy and not genetically modified, the user’s app avatar grows stronger and is more successful within the game. Conversely, if the user’s meal is unhealthy or genetically modified, the app avatar grows fatter and its performance falls. Clarified by Vincent C., “Your avatar is either going to get healthier, or it’s going to get older and bigger.” Therefore, GM Yo! motivates Spanish teenagers to eat healthy food, and thereby change the planting patterns of Spanish farmers.