Alex J., Camille B., Kiara W., Mamoun B., Vasundhra P., and Chunya Y. created a water purification system to clean the Ganges River in India. The most polluted river in the world, the Ganges River is full of plastics, styrofoam, and paint from festival idols, making the river’s biodiversity plummet. As described by Alex J., “There are three problems with the river: large pieces of trash on the top, the water is contaminated with chemicals, and it has no fish in it.” However, Vasundhra P. noted, “Our product focuses on bringing back [the Ganges River’s] biodiversity.” Called Fish-In, this group’s purification system consists of a large net to remove floating trash. Next, the system releases microbes and purifying pills to purify the Ganges River. Finally, the system, made out of environmentally friendly material, sends out mating calls and pheromones to attract fish back into the river, thus solving all three of the initially stated problems. “Not only is [Fish-In] cost effective,” Alex J. persuaded, “it’ll get [India’s] fishing industry back on its feet, and hopefully save lives.”