Barrett R. (Class of 2012) and Madhav S. met at the Modern School’s Community Development & Leadership Summit in New Delhi, India, in 2011. However, they did not find out that they would both be attending Wake Forest in the fall of 2013 until a few months before school started. Thus, a coincidental cross-cultural friendship found itself renewed, proving that the “small world” cliché applies even on a global scale. The following is an interview from today between Barrett, Madhav, and Vivien F., all of whom attended CDLS 2011.

How did you all meet in India?

BR: [Viven and my] host sister… is one of [Madhav’s] really good friends, and whenever we were at the conference we’d hang out with Madhav and his friends.

Did you all know you were going to Wake Forest together before you got there?

MS: Well, a few months ago on Facebook, we saw each other.

BR: I joined the group late, and I saw Madhav, but I didn’t connect the dots that it was him, because why would Madhav be going to Wake Forest? I didn’t really think anything of it, and then I got a Facebook message that was like ‘Are you going to Wake Forest?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, are you?’ and it was like, Pow! It was crazy.

What have your college experiences been like?

MS: Pretty good, so far.

BR: So far, so good. A lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun.

What did CDLS mean to you?

BR: It was just a really great experience. That was my first time being pretty much immersed in the culture, and it was just a really cool way of seeing how an Indian family lives on the other side of the world.

VF: It was the first time I had been out of the country by myself… and we saw so much. I feel like I really changed after it… I felt like I was a lot more open to new things, and travel, and got this kind of [hunger] for travel, you know? And after it… all I want to do is travel, and go places, and see new things.