In addition to their roles as Ambassadors, the Collegiate seniors participating in the International Emerging Leaders Conference have each been assigned specific roles to help the conference run smoothly. For example, Austin P. and Will W. are the morning meeting leaders, which means that they get people to speak about what they did the previous day and then they tell everyone the plan for that day.  Austin says, “I love my job because I get to help get everyone excited for the day, and it’s really fun to talk to people about what they enjoyed doing the day before.” Other jobs include researching and presenting the environmental issue of fracking, coordinating icebreakers, and organizing events such as the Cultural Fair, Lower School town meeting, Upper School assembly, and class visits.  Grace says that having specific jobs within the conference has “helped Mrs. Sisisky from being completely overwhelmed, and it’s been good for us to get more involved and prepare things. It’s also made us better leaders and shown us how much work really goes into this conference to make it as great as it is every year.”