“Breathe with ease” is the tagline of CityTree, a product created by Ambassadors Austin P., Maria V., Rives F., Karim B., and Aashna A. As described by Rives F., CityTree is designed for “The children of China who are growing up in a world where they have grey skies instead of blue skies, and no starry nights.” CityTree is a multifunctional air filter. Firstly, CityTree intakes polluted air into a filtration system containing bacteria, which would react with harmful nitrous oxide to create nitrogen, a major component of clean air. In addition, CityTree holds a swing or stationary bike, which simultaneously encourages children to play by the healthy air-producing tree and converts the kinetic energy from swinging or biking into electricity, used to power both the tree and a street lamp on top of it.  As told by Vasundhra P., CityTree would be “[motivation] to exercise, let children play, and help the environment.” CityTree is definitely a creative solution for China’s air pollution!