After Alex J. and Emily D. introduced the international Ambassadors in a Lower School Town Meeting and the Ambassadors visited Lower School classrooms, each international participant visited a Middle School classroom.

For example, Vasundhra P. and Soham A. spoke about Indian culture to Mrs. Shadowen’s fifth grade boys’ advisory. After a week full of standardized tests, the boys were ready to pepper their visitors with questions such as the driving age in India, favorite foods, American stereotypes, and favorite school subjects. However, as the boys grew more comfortable with Vasundhra and Soham, their questions intensified. Asking questions about the Hindu religion and the presence of Apple technology, Mrs. Shadowen’s class soon learned that Indian and American culture had more similarities than they had expected. One especially forward-thinking fifth grader, Heth A., even asked the Ambassadors about applying to colleges.

Finally, Vasundhra and Soham left Mrs. Shadowen’s with a special gift: a poster with all of their names written in Hindi.