“I love being a junior ambassador, because I really love meeting different students my age from all over the globe. It is so cool to hear how similar our social lives are, while, at the same time, we live in completely different cultures. Also, over the past years I have watched the international program at Collegiate grow, and I love finally being able to be a part of it and having the ability to contribute to its growth.” – Lauren Dickenson

Lauren is one of 35 eleventh graders who was selected to be a Junior Ambassador for the International Emerging Leaders Conference. As a Junior Ambassador, Lauren led a team building game on the first day of the conference, led campus tours for the students, and is going to help at Design Pitch. Other Junior Ambassadors led tours around downtown Richmond and explained the history behind important monuments and locations to the international students. The Junior Ambassadors have also planned a Fall Festival for Friday night for all of the ambassadors, faculty, and host families to attend!

This group of students has an important role in the conference through the work that they do, but also by forming connections with the international students and making them feel even more welcome at Collegiate. Thank you to all of the Junior Ambassadors for your much needed help this week!