International Emerging Leaders Conference participants are currently discovering what type of leader each of them are. Here are a few examples:

Ethical-Decision Maker: An ethical-decision maker exhibits integrity, honesty, empathy, fairness and respect, demonstrates personal, social, and civic responsibility, and develops understanding of emerging ethical issues regarding new technologies.

Communicator: A communicator listens attentively, speaks effectively, and writes clearly. This type of leader understands and expresses ideas with a variety of audiences, media, and formats, while also cultivating interpersonal skills.

Creative Thinker: A creative thinker challenges assumptions, suspends judgements, and imagines, improvises, and adapts as new challenges and opportunities arise.

Innovator: An innovator explores and experiments in a climate of change, builds resilience through risk-taking and setbacks, and creates unique ideas and products with value and meaning.

Solution Seeker: A solution saker formulates meaningful questions while inquiring, evaluating, synthesizing, and discerning cross disciplinary knowledge and perspectives. In addition, a solution seeker sets goals, develops a plan of action, and tests solutions.

Collaborator: Lastly, a collaborator builds strong partnerships within a diverse team, teaches, coaches and leads others by example, and accepts feedback, implements decisions, and shares the credit.

Shantanu B., from the Modern School in New Delhi, India, believes he is a solution seeker because “[A solution seeker’s role] includes analytical and knowledge point of view, and [he likes] to find solutions in simple and effective way.”

Maria V., from the George Washington Academy in Casablanca, Morocco, considers herself a communicator because “[She loves] valuing and listening to everyone’s opinions”

Sinan A., from the American Community School at Beirut in Lebanon, is an ethical-decision maker who “usually [has] rational solutions.”

Tokzhan A., from the Karaganda Regional Boarding School for Gifted Children in Kazakhstan, also thinks of herself as an ethical-decision maker because she enjoys “[thinking] and [talking] with other people.”

Lastly, Pepe S. from Colegio Carol Baur in Mexico City, Mexico, is both a collaborator and a communicator, for he thinks that “all that matters is speaking”.